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Ventilation and air conditioning

ArtStroyMontazh provides services on design, installation and servicing of ventilation and air-conditioning systems for any type of premises – from apartments or cottages, to industrial facilities or office centers. We provide a guarantee for all our work.

Ventilation design

To select just the right equipment for ventilation systems, and to determine the optimal cross-section size of air ducts, preliminary ventilation design is necessary. This is one of the most time-consuming parts of the project cycle. Designers also provide the following services: calculation of capacity for inflow air heaters, and substantiation of the air exchange rate.

Necessity for ventilation and air conditioning

Current construction rules and codes establish obligatory requirements for installation of ventilation systems in buildings.

Ventilation provides:

  • the required air exchange rate in the room;
  • removes contaminated air;
  • removes excess humidity as well as various harmful substances.

Additionally, air supply increases the oxygen content inside the room.

Poor ventilation leads to the appearance of excessive humidity, mildew and mold; the air gets stale, which has a negative health effect; furniture, home appliances and construction elements get damaged.

Ventilation systems are required for all types of premises


Ventilation systems are necessary to create the microclimate in a room:

  • During the warm season when natural ventilation is insufficient and makes staying inside uncomfortable;
  • When air conditioning is required in accordance with special standards, technologies or needs of the enterprise;

Industrial ventilation

Mechanical (industrial) ventilation is designed for administrative and utility buildings and public buildings with many people, as well as for production and processing lines with multi-purpose sections.