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Manipulator services and freight transportation
in the Tula Region

Main advantages of working
with ASM


Company staff works continuously
on analyzing completed projects.
We always retain our work
results for improving future services.


We use new cutting-edge
equipment to cut costs.


We will take care of all
coordination and implementation issues,
all you have to do is call!

Company services

Manipulator services
Manipulator services

ArtStroyMontazh owns a GAZon NEXT dropside truck with Ferrari 581 A2 manipulator crane.

Lifting capacity: 5 tons
Boom reach: 10 m.
Boom lifting capacity: 3 tons


Price: RUB 900 per hour.

Minimum Order: 2 hours.

Freight transportation

We work with individuals and legal entities. Cash and bank transfer payments (incl. VAT).

Carrying capacity: 1 450 tons
Height : 1 800 mm
Length: 4 200 mm
Width: 1 978 mm

Manipulator services

City truck

up to 10 km in the city

11+ km in the city

beyond city limits

Gazel Next Dropside truck with a tarp

RUB 460 per hour

+ RUB 24/1 km

RUB 42/1 km

Get a consultation on delivery
of cargoes in the Tula Region