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Removal of blockages, sewage and
drainage systems, cleaning and
flushing by various methods in Tula

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Company services

Removing blockages
Flushing of sewer systems


Removing blockages of sewer and storm-drain systems



The sewer system is an important element of any commercial entity. During the operation and disruption of the sewer system use, the risk develops of blockages, which affect the pipeline specifications.

Our teams of professionals will remove any kinds of blockages in residential and industrial buildings:

  • Internal and external sewer lines (inside buildings, structures, outside systems and collectors);
    pressure and gravity-flow external sewer systems;

  • Drainage, storm-drain and downspout pipes;

  • Sewer wells and drain-water inlets.

Cleaning and flushing of blockages
Flushing of sewer systems


Cleaning and flushing of blockages, sewer and storm-drain systems.



We use the following methods of cleaning sewers:

  • Mechanical method, whereby we remove the accumulated dirt and blockages;

  • Hydrodynamic method, whereby we flush the blockages with a high-pressure water jet;

  • Thermal method, which uses hot water and steam;

  • Chemical method, which uses chemical reagents that dissolve blockages.

The mechanical and hydrodynamic methods are the two most frequently and professionally used methods. These methods allow the most efficient and regular maintenance of the sewer system.

Pumping and removal of LHW
Flushing of sewer systems


Pumping out of cesspools, removal of liquid household waste.

Per 1 trip, 3.75 m3 barrel.


Price: RUB 850+

Liquid wastes are accumulated in special reservoirs during daily activities; these wastes must be collected on schedule. The highly specific nature of these operations makes it necessary to request professional assistance.

LHW is temporarily stored in septic tanks, cesspools, settling tanks and sewage wells. All these structures include a container that fills with time and requires routine cleaning. The frequency depends on the type of the structure. Cesspools are cleaned every several weeks, and septic tanks, once in several months or years.

When the LHW is not removed regularly, it leads to:

  • Appearance of a characteristic, unpleasant odor;

  • Spilling of waste and contamination of nearby soil, water and crops;

  • Unsanitary conditions (spreading of hazardous substances, bacteria and microorganisms).

Video diagnostics
Flushing of sewer systems


Video diagnostics and remote inspection of the sewer system.

For 1 visit, with a detailed photo and video report.



Video diagnostics allows:

  • Inspection of the condition of internal surfaces of pipes to identify cracks, corrosion and defects;

  • Detection of blockages and foreign objects in the pipe;

  • Detection of illegal connections to the pipeline;

  • Diagnosis of the sewers and water drains.

With a video camera and a screen, the video diagnostics tool allows the operator to see and assess the problem. The operator will then assess the scale of the problem and the precise location of the blockage and choose from a variety of methods to eliminate the problem. The operator will provide you with a comprehensive report and will offer several ways to solve the problem. You will make your choice based on the information you receive.

Flushing of sewer systems


Scheduled maintenance of sewer systems, emergency and preventive sewer cleaning services.



The sewer system requires regular servicing during operation. This measure is obligatory and will guarantee the normal functioning of the system. This also prevents breakdowns and blockages. Maintenance of the sewer system must be done several times a year.

Any emergency or scheduled repairs on major sewer systems must be done by professional teams using special equipment.

Our company provides emergency and preventive sewer cleaning services, and enters into contracts for maintenance of sewer systems. Our services can be provided to individuals and legal entities.

Installation and repair
Flushing of sewer systems


Installation and repair of a sewer system of any degree of complexity and volume.



A high-quality provider of sanitation services will always give their customers the opportunity to choose between temporary and permanent solutions to any sewer problems. Earlier, when having to deal with a persistent blockage, the plumber would dig out the old pipe and replace it with a new one. Today, there exist far more efficient technologies, including preliminary alignment of pipes, which eliminates the clutter, extra digging and other less than pleasant consequences.

Installation of water pipes is a multi-step, technically complex process that involves many construction nuances.


Kranzle Profi-Jet B 20/22
Hydrodynamic Machine

for cleaning pipes with diameter of 40-300 mm; maximum working length – 40 meters.

Flushing of sewer systems

Additional equipment
for cleaning pipes:

Flushing of sewer systems

nozzle 45°

Flushing of sewer systems

Форсунка c боем вперед и назад

A nozzle with forward and backward action has been designed for cleaning under conditions that do not allow connection to an electricity source. The unit is on a stainless steel plate with large pneumatic tires for working in harsh natural conditions.

Kranzle Profi-Jet B 20/220 hydrodynamic machine with no water heating element is used routinely in agriculture, at slaughterhouses, in bakeries, around pools, in garages and rent-a-car companies.


  • Reliable and sturdy design
    Chassis for off-road driving with pneumatic tires

  • Head of the pump is made of special forged brass to guarantee long service life

  • Honda gas engine, simple and convenient for servicing

  • The pump pistons are made of stainless steel with ceramic coating

  • The by-pass regime prevents excessive pressure after the pistol lever is released

  • Gradual pressure adjustment allows fine-tuning of the volume of water for a specific the cleaning job

  • Manometer for pressure control

  • All the components that contact water are made of stainless steel or special brass

Price list

for use of hydrodynamic cleaning machine

Pipe diameter, mm





Cleaning price for 1 line meter, RUB





Minimum order amount:
RUB 4 000


Our specialists

Flushing of sewer systems
Artem Bylov

Chief Engineer

Flushing of sewer systems
Igor Buchel


Flushing of sewer systems
Dmitry Chudov


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