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Electrical laboratory

Measuring the state of grounding unit components

The current state of grounding unit components is checked by external inspection and checking welded joint reliability by tapping with a hammer; bolted joints are visually inspected and tightened where necessary. To properly assess the quality of the grounding device, their resistance is measured at the time of the least soil conductivity – in the winter and in the summer.

Any company and any energy consumer should be provided with a reliable power supply system

Any company and any energy consumer should be provided with a reliable power supply system, which will remain operational in any situation – in any weather, and in any season. Providing reliable power supply to commercial consumers or private individuals is the cornerstone to stable performance of the entire structure, its integral, without which continuous operation is simply impossible. Quality power supply means no service interruptions or incidents. Remember that any incident may lead to malfunction of the equipment and considerable financial losses. Malfunctioning equipment can harm human health or cause a fire. These developments must be excluded at all costs. The necessary level of safety can only be guaranteed if the equipment is operating property and regular maintenance is performed on all electrical equipment, with routine diagnostics, inspection, measurements, etc.

Measuring the state of grounding unit components

One of the most critical components of our electrical laboratory’s electrical equipment maintenance program is the routine assessment of the condition of grounding elements of electrical installations. These measurements are usually carried out after electrical assembly operations on the grounding circuit; the same service is provided in case of any malfunction, breakdown or during regular diagnostics of the system. In any case, the quality of electrical installation must be checked first to make sure that the grounding system has been assembled correctly and the measurement results correspond completely to the EIC and ROEIC codes.

This is the only objective way to assess the correct installation of grounding devices and their current state. Our staff has been duly qualified to always provide a full set of measurements and compile a list of breakdowns or a description of the general state of the system. This will allow the client to take measures to eliminate the defects or prevent accidents. The grounding network testing includes visual inspection of the grounding wiring and compliance of grounding conductors’ cross-sections to EIC standards.

Before direct measurement of the condition of grounding elements

Before direct measurement of the condition of grounding elements of the electrical installation, our staff will make a visual inspection of the grounding loop, assessing the quality of connections between the parts of the grounding device and the power supply system. It is necessary to be sure to verify that bolts and other joints are securely fastened, there are no cracks in the welding spots, and that all assembly operations meet the requirements of EIC and ROEIC standards.

Cutting-edge equipment is being used for electrical measurements of the condition of grounding devices in order to receive reliable data. The most accurate measurements can only be obtained in dry weather when the ground has the best resistance. If you are unable to assess the condition of grounding elements on your own, contact the experienced and highly qualified professionals in our company.

Do not forget

Do not forget that only regular and unplanned inspections and measurements can guarantee high quality grounding and absence of any malfunctions or defects, which can protect the entire electrical system from malfunctioning or short-circuiting. These measures will also help protect you and your staff from electrical injuries. With timely inspections and diagnostics, the equipment will always be operational and there will be no risks of malfunction. This will help you save in the future as well.

Electrical installation

Электромонтажные работы

Any electronic device can malfunction due to errors or violations of wiring installation requirements, with a greater risk of overheating of contacts, short-circuiting and, in the end, a fire.

ASM provides an entire range of electrical installation:

  • - assembly of multiroom components: audio- and video- systems;
  • - монтаж световых приборов;
  • - assembly of structure0d cable systems for a unified information system, which provides internet access; telephones and video monitoring systems;
  • - installation of automation systems “Smart House”;
  • - installation of security systems;
  • - electrical wiring.

Our expert staff has extensive experience in the field, and knows well the rules of installation operations. This ultimately leads to us provide a high quality and safe power supply system.

Checking electrical installations

The stage of checking electrical installations is a part of the start-up phase, because only after making sure that the electrical installation functions properly, and having made all the necessary measurements and corresponding adjustments, then the quality of the power grid installation can be duly assessed.

Additionally, electrical installations are regularly inspected throughout their life cycles and after major repairs of the grid equipment.

During the testing of the electrical equipment, to avoid electric shock, the resistance loop must be grounded; this includes metal casing of cables, electrical equipment, as well as metal ducts, sewer and water pipes and other metal parts in contact with the wiring.

Our staff has all the necessary skills and permits to check electrical installations and draft the relevant documentation.