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Electrical Laboratory

Measurement of contact resistances of contacts

Specific resistance values are important in the process of making electrical machinery, apparatuses and equipment for assembly and operation of electrical installations because they guarantee their normal functioning. Some resistors maintain their value virtually unchanged; others, on the contrary, are considerably damaged by time, temperature, humidity, mechanical stresses, etc. Therefore, measuring resistance is essential both in the process of manufacturing electrical machinery, apparatuses, and equipment, and in the process of assembling and operating electrical installations.

Staff safety

Staff safety is the objective of paramount importance for any company. For companies that use electrical equipment daily, and whose employees come into contact with electrical equipment daily, safety measures are an absolute must. This is due to the fact that electrical equipment may malfunction and threaten human health, which is absolutely inadmissible. Malfunctioning of electrical equipment is the most frequent reason for fires; therefore, every precaution must be taken to prevent breaks and current leaks. Unexpected failure of electrical equipment can also lead to considerable losses due to downtime and inability to repair the equipment. One of the ways to do this is to measure contact resistances of contacts and resistances of electric winding of machines and transformers.

Measuring contact resistances of electrical machinery, apparatuses and equipment during assembly and operation of electrical equipment will guarantee their trouble-free operation in the future. Some resistors remain practically unchanged, but others depend, or could depend heavily on external conditions, and may increase or decrease due to many factors, such as the ambient temperature, air humidity or simply lengthy operating time. This is the second reason why it is necessary and important to measure contact resistance of contacts and windings of devices.

Measurement of contact resistances of contacts

In the process of measuring, our highly qualified professional teams of the modern and high-tech electrical laboratory will define the degree of suitability of electrical machinery, transformers and electrical equipment overall for further operation. They detect problems with electrical wiring and electrical equipment, suggest the approximate time-frame for safe operation and issue warnings regarding the consequences of using the equipment further. Our licensed and experienced professionals will give you no reasons to doubt the objectiveness of our assessment. We do our work honestly and professionally, and believe it very important to get positive feedback and build our company’s reputation.

Resistance measurements

Resistance measurements represent just one of the many possible components of the entire range of operations we do at our laboratory. We will be happy to provide you with a full list of our services. The purpose behind measuring resistance of junction and armature resistance is to discover any defects and malfunctions. We take every care to provide you with the most precise measurements possible. Our staff is assisted in this by cutting-edge, specialized professional equipment of the highest precision class.

Remember that only a full-scale, thorough, high-quality and timely inspection of the enterprise’s electrical infrastructure and inspection of every unit separately can help discover all the defects and damages to help avoid accidents and malfunctions with 100-percent accuracy in the future.