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Electrical Laboratory

Measurement of contact resistances between grounding leads, grounding conductors, grounding equipment

Grounding devices on consumers’ electrical devices must meet EIC requirements and guarantee safety of people and the equipment and safe operation. Parts of electrical equipment that must be grounded, must have reliable contact with the grounding connection or the grounding mount on which they are installed. Checking the link between grounding wires and groundable parts must be done on each current collector; all apparatuses and mechanisms must be connected in on parallel to the grounding main.

Measurements of contact resistances between ground wires

Measurements of contact resistances between ground wires, grounding conductors and grounding equipment is one of the many services that must be carried out to prevent malfunction of any equipment in electric networks and subsequent breakdown of electrical equipment due to short circuits. These measures will also help prevent situations that may be life-threatening for staff (fire). All the services for measuring the state of the equipment and the grounding that our electrical laboratory carries out help any client avoid large losses, be it an individual undertaking or a commercial organization.

The work begins with a thorough visual inspection of the grounding system: checking the integrity and general state of the conductors that are used for grounding. Next comes assessment of reliability of welded and bolted joints, and checking of the connection between each unit of electrical equipment, the grounding main and grounded metal structures.

When it comes to measurement of contact resistance of rods, the current is artificially directed through each of the rods with the help of an auxiliary rod, attached together with the rod being tested to a common source. In the process of measuring contact resistances our specialists will also study the circuit between grounding leads and conductors, the presence of a circuit between the grounding conductors and the grounded equipment. These measures will help us define the integrity of all sections in your grounding system. Additionally, grounding device resistance measurements are made (metal bonding). To achieve more precise and objective measurement results, this work must be at the time when the ground has the most resistance: in the summer when it is dry, or in the winter when the ground is frozen.

Measurement of contact resistances between grounding leads, grounding conductors, grounding equipment

The measurements are made with calibrated and sealed tools that meet all state standards. The results of the measurements are recorded. All conclusions are based on a comparison with the codes. All the measurements, including measurements of contact resistance between grounding units, grounding conductors and equipment, must be made only by highly qualified staff. All our operations are done in full compliance with occupational safety requirements.

All the aforementioned checks and diagnostic tools are used for safe operation of electrical installations. Measurements of contact resistances are no exception. Moreover, this step is one of most important points on the list of inspecting any electrical systems and any such structures. The measurements by our electrical laboratory employees of contact resistances between grounding units, grounding conductors, grounded equipment will help prevent any accidents and their unpredictable consequences.