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Electrical Laboratory

Inspection of automatic circuit breakers

Inspection of automatic circuit breakers

Automatic circuit breakers are intended to protect the distribution network in emergencies (such as damaged insulation). When this happens, circuit breakers detect greater than rated current values and short-circuit currents and switch off the network.

When automatic circuit breakers are tested, the measured value is the time it takes to switch off the circuit breaker when the current is greater than the rated.

Automatic circuit breakers are necessary for engagement and automatic disengagement of electrical circuits in critical situations, such as overloads and short circuits. Circuit breakers must be tested to compare their triggering values with those established in GOST R 50345-99 and GOST R 50030.2-99.

Ongoing Monitoring

Any enterprise with a complex system of electrical supplies, any electrical equipment with an independent network requires ongoing monitoring of its condition and the performance of automatic circuit breakers. Any problems, malfunctions and breakdowns require expert diagnosis and rapid correction. Flawless functioning of electrical equipment is important for any enterprise. Any interruptions in the business due to breakdowns of electrical networks can lead to considerable financial losses.

It is a well-known fact that any equipment can wear out, lose its useful properties, and break; however, any such incidents are usually preventable, if the equipment is checked regularly.

To avoid unforeseen breakdowns and the resulting damage, inspections and diagnostics of equipment must be carried out regularly. Any mistakes that led to breakdown of any electrical system components must be followed by immediate remedial action. Our company specializes in all types of electrical measurements, including checking the performance of circuit breakers in electrical networks with voltage up to 1000 V in conditions of increased current flow.

We must always remember!

We must always remember than any checks of circuit breakers in electrical networks with voltage up to 1000 V must be carried out in full compliance with occupational safety requirements. For the entire range of this testing, the equipment must be disconnected. Testing must be done only under conditions of a de-energized network. Our company provides a full range of services necessary to check the functioning of automatic circuit breakers.

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